Who are we?

IGNITE is a flagship brand of The Aquilia Group. The Aquilia Group specializes in product development, sourcing, and distribution. Aquilia has extensive warehousing & distribution capabilities that have been designed to accommodate the needs of IGNITE and other innovative brands.

Fun and function are what we stand for. Whether you are going for a weekend cruise, tearing up a trail, or commuting to work or school, we want our top-of-the-line products to take you there with ease and style. IGNITE bridges the gap between design and performance, with our design and production team working closely together to create the ultimate ride.

Where are your products made?

Our bikes are designed right here in Melbourne, Australia by our team of designers and product experts. IGNITE utilizes a mixture of international and local manufacturing which enables us to deliver the products and services we do.

For example, our premium lightweight frames are manufactured in China, Shimano components are sourced from Japan and Tektro brakes from China.

Where Can I find you?

Currently, IGNITE is purely an e-commerce business, so is only available online. You can shop via our online store, or via a variety of other online marketplaces such as Amazon, Harvey Norman, and Temple & Webster.

Are your products legal in Australia?

All our products are compliant with Australian Regulations (EN15194).

Each state and territory have their own specific regulations and laws that may apply to our products, including where you can legally use such products, and whether you need to register them with your local road traffic authority. Please be sure to familiarise yourself with your state or territories specific guidelines before riding!

For more information, visit our Australian Regulations page.

Can I go faster than 25km/h on my bike?

Australian regulations state that electronic bikes (pedelec) have a max power of 250W and max speed capacity of 25km/h (peddle-assisted). However, you can continue riding past this speed limit without the motor’s assistance (as you can with a normal bike).

How do I start my Scooter?

The Scooters throttle will not work unless the scooter has started moving. So, simply push off and start rolling before pulling down on the throttle.

How do I change the max speed of my skateboard?

We know that there are people of all skating abilities enjoying our premium skateboards. For this reason, we ensure that you can set the maximum speed that you feel comfortable with. To change the maximum speed of your skateboard, simply press the ‘reverse’ button on your LCD remote. Continue pressing this button until you reach your desired level.

What is the difference between the Longboard and All-Terrain Longboard?

The All-Terrain longboard is fitted with our most powerful motor (2 x 1650W) and has larger “all-terrain” wheel options. These changes allow the rider to go off-road, and ride on just about any surface.