About Us

IGNITE is a flagship brand of The Aquilia Group.

The Aquilia Group specializes in product development, sourcing and distribution. Aquilia has
extensive warehousing & distribution capabilities that have been designed to accommodate the needs of IGNITE and other innovative brands.

We source and develop our products on a global scale, utilizing a mixture of international and local manufacturing which enables us to deliver the products and services we do.


Fun and function are what we stand for. Whether you are going for a weekend cruise, tearing up a trail, or commuting to work or school, we want our top of the line products to take you there with ease and style.

IGNITE bridges the gap between an design and performance, with our design and production team working closely together to create the ultimate ride.

We are so confident that you'll love the IGNITE experience, we offer a 14-Day money back guarantee, so if you don't, you can return the product with no questions asked.

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